by Walter Cabal

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"The Riverside singer-songwriter’s reflective, philosophical lyrics are the thread that ties together his debut “Between Lines,” a well-crafted album..."

-Audio File

"Cabal brings out the best of himself in this colorful album"

- Electric Voice

A portion of the proceeds made will be donated to to help meet the needs of migrant farm working families in Ojos Negros, Mexico.


released February 28, 2012

Music and lyrics by Walter Cabal. Additional composition and arrangement by Matthew Mendoza ( at The Woodshed.

Performed by Walter Cabal (Vocal, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Percussion)
Matt Mendoza (Background Vocal, Keyboards/Sequencing, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Drums, Drum Programming), and
Jason Allen (EWI on ‘Anne’ and Saxophone on ‘Static Sound’).

Produced and Recorded by Matt Mendoza at Crest Community Church in Riverside, CA Mixed and Mastered by Matt Mendoza (
Artwork & Photography by

Copyright © 2011 Walter Cabal All rights reserved.
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all rights reserved
Track Name: Edge of the World
one day, we built our cities near the edge of the world.
they crumbled off the cliffs into the mouth of the earth.
for a hundred years we lived inside the darkest days -
traveling through the tunnels that our hands had made.

our eyes were glistening with jewels. they were occupied
by the myriad of colors against the firelight.
we traded our souls in to dig for gold -
made our beds in a place that wasn't home.

but i've been longing for
the sun to end this night.
i know riches are
for kings who sleep beneath the earth.
i only want to see the light.

we tried refilling our chests - our chips cashed and bagged,
but in the end we bet our hears and couldn't win them back.
some noticed that our eyes grew dim and traveled far
to touch the surface soil and seek after that morning star.
Track Name: Some Other Place
i've been traveling through the desert.
i couldn't care less where my head will rest.
my heart is dried up with a deep thirst -
no cup of kings could ever quench.
i have stepped through many cities
where stainless monuments are raised, and
when the columns crack and crumble down -
our heavy hearts still thirst the same.

until i find my way,
my soles press on in pace.
i know there's more
than endless seas and distant shores -
my heart is set
on some other place.

once, the wrinkles of the scholar
and the wisdom of the saint
made an image of an able man,
but now that portrait's been replaced.
for i have seen men drown in riches
and men who steal all they can get -
even men who treasure treason's touch
over truth's outnumbering bets.

though a shadow's step
is all that's close,
my weary heart will one day see.
though a shadow's step
is all i know,
my heart will one day sip
from seas that satisfy my soul.
Track Name: Shadow of Doubt
a shadow of doubt appears,
and the darkness still snaps at your heels.
i'm the fist standing up to the fear -
i am sincere.

you say you are faithless son,
but hope is still pressed to your palm.
i am the faithful one -
i am the dawn.

the sirens softly sing in the shade.
you tiptoe since you are ashamed,
but i am the judge - i will break
your jail and it's chains.

your heart is the igniter of pyres -
'till the ashes are stacked to your knees.
i'm the flood to quiet the fire -
i am the sea.
Track Name: Copper Courage
can we sit down dad - another night?
i wish you could answer all my questions.
i'm losing fuel. i'm losing fight.
i think i'm losing my direction.

an old and honest man down the street
was robbed by two dishonest people -
young guns against old knees.
the strong and swift against the feeble.

crowds and crows pulled up a seat.
i bagged and wheeled away what happened.
there was nobody there to beat the beast -
no perseus to face our kraken.

and he said, "son, the world is mad,
but there is goodness between the bad.
and i know it shades your sight,
but i promise, one day
all will be made right."

the tyrant rules. the truthful dies.
this is a strange, unsettling riddle.
i blow on embers to endure the night.
i've a copper courage and a boldness brittle.

he said, "anyone who feels like that
has more in them than any soldier.
the secret is: when all is awry,
the fear will make your boldness bolder."
Track Name: Static Sound
here we are again -
ghosts intersecting
on circular belts.
in my dreams we've met
a million times before -
near the sea. beside the shore.

and i've been waiting to meet
the one whose voice
i heard across the sea.
after years of static sound,
you're finally here
in front of me.

i narrow my eyes - to gauge
if the light's plotting tricks
on my mind with the shade,
but i think it's plain:
you've seen this too before -
this very sea. this foreign shore.
Track Name: Dogwood
there is a place where the city is far,
and your suit can be tossed in the stream;
where the beautiful stars replace the building and the bars
of this town where we're far from being free.

it's there i stay with my knees on the knoll.
my hands and my heart hope to be made whole.
dear dawn is near, and the dark will soon disappear.
'till then, i'll wait here where the dogwood grows.

there is a hill where nothing is still,
but it's quiet to those without ear;
where the blind and the lame wait for the earth to shake -
for the day we walk straight and see clear.

there is a place where the dogwood grows,
and a river runs near its root -
and though i see the moon through the trees,
i know that the dawn will come soon.
Track Name: Scars & Stripes
friend, we've traveled on a rugged road,
and one day we will sail an unknown sea.
i know at times i choke when choosing at the fork,
but still you choose to fight my fears and set me free.

a million times o' we've made it through -
with scars and stripes both, to decorate our skin.
i'm a pillar of fire when i'm with you,
and chariots - they can chase us 'till the end.

friend, we've seen things crumble and fall.
you and i have breathed in deep a heavy smoke,
and when time decides to put our lungs on leave -
we'll still be fixed - like a needle to the north.

friend, you've seen all my vice,
and still you say that i am worth the cost.
though i walk through valleys filled with shaded light,
when i'm with you i know that i am never lost.

sometimes the map ain't in my sight,
and i worry if the treasure's even true.
but i'll have you know that you are my light,
and my dear old friend, i'd lay my life down for you.
Track Name: Between Lines
i wish that my heart was not divided -
i straddle a crack between my feet.
i am a traitor. a double minded,
unfaithful sailor
out a sea.

our steps are mismatched when we are walking.
our eyes are like strangers who rarely meet.
we are fingers who once were interlocking,
but now we break like icebergs
out at sea.
Track Name: Anne
i know the times are getting hard,
and the weather's getting cold -
don't let it get to your heart.
anne, i know right now we only see in part.

until the day we understand
i will be right here with you.
anne, don't you know?
i've got nowhere to go without you.

i know there's a storm inside your mind.
the ocean's breaking waves
overflow from your blue eyes.
anne, i know right now we only see in part.

and even though right now we cannot see,
my knees are numb from kneeling hard,
and when i pray "o' morning come" -
the sky will rain with rays of dawn,
and so, you see? my trust is on
something surer than the very sun,
and in your search you'll one day see:
the light you chased - you chased with me.
Track Name: Billboard
he sees it on
the magazines,
on the billboard signs,
and on the silver screen:
to grab the goal.
to chase the ghost.
"the man to whom the praise is due
is he who makes the most."

it's hard for one to see
when the poison tastes like tea,
and the sweet sincerity
conceals the mix.
the blank eyes flicker like
a dim fluorescent light
that keeps him up all night
when he's
from home.

the french perfume.
the satin dress.
though skin and skill will only fill
her sheets with deep regret,
she'll leave her ring
on the kitchen stool -
because winners chase the white whale
at the expense of all the crew.

and one day we will see
that all this make believe
was a billboard parody that we made up.
our blank eyes flicker like
a dim and dying fire.
the requiem.
the choir.
cut and print.
Track Name: Gun to Gun
i have seen this road before:
trust me, my love.
i'll tell you where it's gonna go
before it's done.
i have seen this road before:
trust me, my love.
i'm gonna have to stand
where many men have come undone.

you just look east,
and hold my hand like hope.
to die by your side will be my end,
and know this:
that i am with you still.
'till the end of the age
my friend.

i have seen this road before:
trust me, my love.
the weight is hanging on my hands
but i won't let up.
i have seen this road before:
trust me, my love.
i'm gonna take the fire -
face to face or gun to gun.